Upscaling Colour Bit-Depth


I was curious whether Video Enhance can upscale the colour bit depth as well as resolution?

Is there a way to feed it an 8-bit input and output 10- or 12-bit?

An example use-case would be to go from HD with 8-bit Rec.709 to UHD with 10-bit Rec.2020. (I hope I got that right, not the expert on this!)

[EDIT] In fact, what does Video Enhance currently do when you input an 8-bit TIFF (using e.g. the command line) and output a 16-TIFF? How do the colours get mapped in such a case? Is there any ‘enhancing’ that takes place at colour level to go hand in hand with an increase in resolution?




You’re definitely better off directly e-mailing support about something as technical as this. They’d be able to get back to you on that much sooner than here.

Great idea! Thanks! :slight_smile: