Upscaling and Frame Rate up conversion effects on cameras and productions

Hi there. I have been exploring video enhancements and their effect on low budget film productions especially towards the use of different cameras for my dissertation.

Below is a link to my practical test which is aiming to conclude if people can tell the difference between a cinema camera filming at 4K and a low budget camera upscaled using VEAI from 1080p to 4K. There is also slow-motion test between the two cameras. It would be much appreciated if you could spend 10 minutes of your day to complete the test.

The questionnaire will explain the experiment and link you to the video, via YT, which you watch and answer the questions of the same time.
Thank you, India.

Couldn’t you post this on some video sharing site so we can take a look, and respond here? This questionnaire thing seems convoluted and a bit annoying I must say. If you are asking others to help you with feedback, people who don’t know you, it would be far more inviting for people to simply watch and answer. This questionnaire thing with asking permissions and reading contracts and terms of service or whatever its asking is big turn off, at least for me. Maybe others won’t mind. But for me its a deal breaker. Sorry.

If you can simply share YouTube links or whatever video platform you chose, that would be far easier and enjoyable experience to provide feedback. This feels way to corporate and lawyer-ish for my taste.

Maybe others won’t mind.

Sorry if you find it convoluted but the point of the questionnaire is to gather quantitative data not written feedback. The video is on YouTube via a link you will see in the questionnaire.
This experiment is watch and answer and all I ask is for your consent, which all participants for anything should require to give anyway.

Well, yes I do find it convoluted. I have to consent on sharing data. google tries to ensure me its anonymous. Its google, so trust does not exist. Anonymous is not a word used in google dictionary. But more than that, I just want to see the video and post a comment. Anything beyond that reduces interest, significantly. If this is the only way you have to collect day, I am sorry to say, I choose not to participate.

Good luck.

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