Upscaling and cropping 50% slower than upscaling without cropping

I just noticed than when upscaling a video that I’ve also cropped via VEAI, is about 50% slower than upscaling it without cropping.

Input video: lossless x265 encoded video, 1080p, yuv420p, profile:main, crop 1920x815x0x132, no other streams than the video stream

Output settings: 4k upscale, Theia - Fine Tune Detail, 8-8-8 settings, 8bit png

If I output without cropping, I get about 1.9fps. If I crop out the rows, I get about .8-.9 fps. It’s possible im not understanding the guts of what this software is doing, but I would expect that a crop is very cheap computationally, and since the models are working with less data, that the upscale should be at least as fast as the uncropped video. But instead it’s about 50% slower. Is there a problem here?

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