Upscaling a TV show from the '90s as a gift for my sister

It’s called Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. We loved it when we were kids. I managed to get the DVDs (they haven’t been printed in 14 years) and am working on upscaling it for Blu-ray.

Here’s a before and after from the preview window (click to enlarge):

I took dozens of screenshots from different scenes to compare and find the best model and configuration for the project. It’s Theia Detail v3, Sharpen 100, Deblock 25, Denoise 10.


Thanks for the infos.
I am doing almost the same with DS9 s04… since the public upscalers seem to have a break

And i know how much time and testing it needs to find the right setting.
I wonder if you know what Theia Detail V3 settings are similar to the GaiaHQ setting.

Sometimes i like my videos ultra sharp … then i like it ultra soft.
And sometimes i just use the gaia5
and then on some videos i think, well at little tiny bit sharper or softer gaia5 result would be great,
but there is no access to the settings. So i hope someone can tell me the th3=gaia5 seetings and i can play with them

The default setting for Theia Detail is 30 sharpen, 50 deblock, 10 denoise (which again, is a little too much deblock in my opinion for a DVD rip). I think 40 or 50 sharpen would probably be a middle-ground similar to Gaia.

I think denoise is mostly for really grainy video, and deblock mostly for things with a low bit rate (highly compressed) or below 480p resolution. I found that if you add more denoise or deblock than you need, you actually start to lose detail.

The preview function is accurate, in my experience, and doesn’t take long. Try some things and take some screenshots of the same frame.

And honestly, it’s shameful they haven’t released an HD remaster of all the Star Treks.