Upscaling 480i29.97 to 4K24, best Video Enhance AI model to use?

I’m working with a lot of different footage shot at different frames rates and resolutions (480i.29.97, 720p59.94, 4K24) but the final delivery/master/export would be 4K 24fps. I have interviews shot 20 years ago on the Sony VX2000 in 480i29.97 but they will need to be included in the 4K timeline in Final Cut Pro 10.6.4. To upscale those 480i29.97 interviews I plan to use Video Enhance AI 2.6.4 but I have no idea which model would work best to upscale 480i to 4K, bearing in mind of course that it’s a huge upscale (450%). Can anyone who has upscaled from SD to 4K tell me which model in Video Enhance AI has worked best for you. I’m thinking I would first have to de-interlace and then upscale, unless one model can do it all. I’ve heard a lot about Proteus, Dione, Artemis, Gaia, Theia. Which one would you recommend for this purpose?

Well, I personally would try with the Proteus model again because of the ability to fine tune the settings to your personal taste. The Artemies modes are quite nice too but if they don’t match your expectations there are no options to adjust them to your needs. :slight_smile:

Hi Imo, thank you very much for your reply. I decided to stick with Gaia because it’s giving me the best results so far. The only thing I’m not sure about are the export settings. Ideally I would export to Pro Res LT but going with H264 instead due to lack of hard drive space. But I’m not sure what the bitrate setting should be. Should I max it out at 180 Mbps, or leave it on Auto “0”? I wish Topaz had a guide for their Beta version. It is amazing though, the Beta 3 version upscales 2x faster than the official 2.6.4 version. :grinning:

I still dunno what bitrate is set on auto but I am pretty sure that a very high bitrate will keep the best quality possible. If the final processed video file is too large, encoding it with a lower bitrate with a tool of your choice is always possible.