Upscales - in steps or in one go?

Has anybody experimented with this?

Is it best to go from SD to 720, then from 720 to 1080 etc?

Or does it make no difference going straight from SD to 1080?

Always go in 1 step. VEAI does a better job (because of the way AI interpolating works on large upscales) upscaling, say, 480p to 4K, than 720p to 740p (if the latter were a known format). Never use intermediate steps.

I made good experiences with going one step after another. This enables you to choose different methods in each step to get the best result.

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I have much the same question. I have had great success with one shot but with noisy 480i on Dione I get black specs that don’t move. Anyone encountered this and is there a multistep process that will help?

I’d say there is no best way, it will all depend on the source footage. Upscaling currently requires lots of trial and error to find the best model/settings, so play around until you find something that works for your footage.