Upscale to more than 6x inferior to 5x

I have tested 522, 521, 446. All the same @ 1440p Gigapixel appears to not apply its magic. I have even scaled to 1080p and then scaled (with same version) to 1440p and the result is indistinguishable.

I have recently bought a £600 1440p monitor which has a game & sRGB mode (my old monitor died while I was out of town). I have the exact crops (actually I have found that cropping does degrade quality itself, but that is before the cropping tool inside gigapixel came along, you need a fine rotation tool too), I have got 27 iterations testing cpu alone ect over 3 different versions.

I don’t feel like upscaling at all now because its such an obvious flaw and there is no workaround (except upscaling to 1080 then to 1440 but I simply refuse!).

There is a directory C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs LLC which is common to all the latest versions. I completely uninstalled v 522 & v 521 before trying v 446, which showed the same quirk and it did not use that folder (I’m sure because its completely missing after uninstalling with revouninstaller).

The silver lining is that I am in the process of scanning right now… Hope you can address this in a future version.

What products are you taking about?

Gigapixel AI, that’s the upscale program right?:sunglasses:

What is the settings you are using for your upscale? For that I mean Scale, Width or Height and what are your actual settings as 1440 is not an exact multiple of 1080 but 1 & 1/3 times 1080.

The starting size is random. Face on (no effect at this resolution), image: standard, noise 50, blur 90; gpu enabled (high), maximum AI models, and scale by height. I’m cropping with irfanview, and upscaling from gigapixel’s 1080p output to 1440p with irfanview 64 4.56.

OK first thing go to Help -> Graphics info., press copy and post the info here please.

Secondly I wouldn’t run anything at GPU/High unless only GigaPixel is open, use Medium maximum if you use only GPU.

I cannot understand your actual workflow when you say you are scaling by height … to what height settings?

Also, what do you mean by “I’m cropping with irfanview, and upscaling from gigapixel’s 1080p output to 1440p with irfanview”?

If you are, as I suspect, upscaling to Inches or Centimeters and using 1080 ppi like this:

If what I assume is right, it is totally pointless as pixels per inch (PPI, DPI) is only used for printing and has no effect on your display which will only display pixels.

Application & Version: Topaz Gigapixel AI Version 5.2.2

Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)

Graphics Hardware: Radeon RX Vega

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.14736 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context 20.10.1 27.20.12033.1007

CPU RAM: 32720 MB

Video RAM: 8176 MB

Preview Limit: 8000 Pixels

I’m using scale to 1080px or 1440px and I can see its more blurry @1440p, as I said I can scale from 1080p (output of gigapixel ai) to 1440p with irfanview, but going direct to 1440p with gigapixel ai gives a result worse than what how I just stated.

I’m not sure inches or 1440p being 1 & 1/3 should really make such a profound difference. Have u tried it yourself? Just scale anything to 1440p and compare with 1080p, at the same screensize using your favourite picture viewer. I’m not doing anything complicated just using the program.

What is the size of the input image and what type of image, photograph or cgi type.

Ok this is just an example. I sometimes use this as my wallpaper (unedited).

Note: click the link it is an imgur gallery, this obviously doesn’t work with just looking at this small preview of one of the upscales. If you follow my instructions in the link you will see a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I absolutely have no idea why this is still happening from version 446 to 522. I’m staggered.

Can I get some feedback please? I have gone to the trouble of documenting what I’m saying and now there is a deafly silence…

Ok I am back, I am having difficulty understanding what you are trying to achieve. So I took the image “2 - Aty46Lq.jpg” placed it in GigaPixel and upscaled it, using height’ to 2559 x 1440. Here is the settings I used and the preview:

Here are the save options:

Here is a link where you can download it and check the result:


And here are my settings, Preferences, for processing:

If you want to do some upscaling you must use my crop of the original. I can see that the upscale is in focus but I can only assume you’ve taken my 1080p upscale and upscaled that (and I already said that that partitcular tangent gives no perceptable difference compared to the 1080p upscale being upscaled on the fly with your picture viewer.
“Sorry you can’t put images in post” (great) edit (added the “original” crop):

This 215 pixels high.

And I’ll post the original filename as he did not embed any identification in it:

Where is the 215 pixel original? That is incredibly small, don’t you have the original?

Also just FYI I wouldn’t do more than 6x upscale with a screenshot which would be compressed … so, the choice you have is to do 1080 (5x) then upscale to 1440.

Can I speak to someone else about this? You are incredibly evasive about admitting there is a problem with the software. What you don’t seem to grasp is that I am giving Topazlabs feedback on how to make the software better.

Have u tried upscaling the 215 pixel height image to 1440p. This is the only way to verify my feedback. If you don’t why? If you do, maybe an issue with my install? Maybe its an issue with every version from 446 to 552 like I stated in the OP.

Where is that 215 pixel image?

Raise a support request at the main website if you don’t want your problem solved here.

Its on a pinned comment on the imgur post. I could not post directly on this forum.

and here:

Blurry results with 6X or higher scaling is a long standing issue. Doing the enlargement with a couple of passes as less than 6X (e.g. 3x then 2x) gets much better results.

You don’t need to go the AI route twice, an instant upscale with Irfanview is all it takes. I’m not sure if windows built in wallpaper can do it, would reduce filesize I guess.