UPSCALE limited to 6x ? WHY?

If I remember well some time ago it was possible to upscale to 32000 px (am I right???) .
Why did you limit upscale to 6x ??? Actually I don’t need exactly 32000 px, but 24000px is very useful for enlargements (photos 1x2m) and 32000 px leave some margin for corrections on higher resolution to get finally 1x2m at 300dpi.

Currently the Upscale filter enhances the resolution of images by up to 600%. Our previous versions did have the capability of 32000 pixels upscale yet it posed some problems for the application resulting in changing this in our updates.

So maybe you can work it out to achieve 24000px (or at leas 18000px)??? And not limit multiply to 6x???