Upscale ai video material

hello, which are the best settings to upscale a low res ai generated video?

I would recommend using the Gaia model for a starting pointing. There are not a set of settings that will always work with every file to produce the best results, this is due to the input video itself being a big variable.

i tested gaia and iris and a couple of other setting. it also looks almost the same. perhaps frame interpolation could be an idea. would you 2x slower and speed it up again?

Changing the frame rate can help with smoothing out the video playback but it will have very little effect on the upscale aspect. Just like with all the other settings in the app it is always worth testing out as it helps one learn more about the app and how to manipulate their videos using the different AI models.

do you have a short sample clip?

sure, please find it here

I couldn’t upload it here