Updating Issue 2.60 Apple Macbook M1 Max

I tried this first on my Mac Mini M1, and it didn’t work. I am moving over to my new Apple Macbook Pro M1 Max so I had hoped it was a glitch with my mini but it’s not… same thing happening on the laptop.

I have Video Enhance 2.60 installed. I login, it doesn’t auto check for update option. I go under the menu and go to check update… it logs me out. My license is fine, I even have an additional year on it. So I login, try and again… logs me out.

Instead of logging in again, I chose to restart the app this time. It restarts with me logged in, skipping that whole I was just logged out thing. I go to update option… check for update knowing 2.61 is an option now. It again logs me out.

Last time I installed Video Enhance, it deleted all my Topaz apps in the Topaz Labs directory which was odd. No other Topaz app does this, so hoping when I try and update to 2.61 it doesn’t nuke my other apps. =)

Any ideas as to why the update process logs me out and or doesn’t give the new update, or lastly why it deletes the other apps? =)

thx guys!