Updating Adjustments IN TS

How do you update the Specialty Adjustments like Clarity, Detail and Impressions in Topaz Studio? In the Topaz Plugins there is a button at the bottom of the plugin that you could click on and tell it to update and depending on whether there were any updates or not the plugin would either update or say you were running the latest version of the plugin. How do you do this in Topaz Studio, I do not see an Adjustment specific update button?


Use Help-> Check for Updates as the Adjustments are part of Studio they are updated as part of the Studio application.

I want to validate my Detail from my Topaz Labs account. Why am I not getting a Help option? Trying to figure out if I still need to purchase Detail for Topaz Studio.

Not sure what you mean by the “Help Option” if you already own Detail it is an automatic upgrade.

Did you carry out the instructions to get the Detail upgrade? It is listed here: