UPDATES seem to make things worse

Hey everyone : )
2 questions…

  1. Are we getting charged for updates?
  2. Is anyone else experiencing NEW problems that they never had before when they get an update?

-I keep getting AI ERROR (and a red X) or UNKNOWN ERROR when doing run of the mill up scaling.
-Customized presets that took hours of finessing to get just right, suddenly don’t seem to work anymore.

I’m honestly and understandably quite reluctant to continue getting updates considering their track record so far. It’s an amazing program overall but I would honestly prefer to go back to an earlier version that didn’t give me any trouble.

What has been your experience?
Thanks in advance.

: )

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I don’t know about (1 - my licenses are current, and I see no update charge.

With (2, you have company. The discussion forums show plenty of users experiencing new glitches with each update. I decided several weeks ago to continue installing VAI 3.x updates just to be sure they would install, but go back to the earlier VEAI 2.6.4 for my work. There’re still too many whack-a-mole issues for me to use the updates.


Thanks Michael (3397)

How do you re-install an older version such as 2.6.4?
Do you have it on your drive already or do you download it from a Topaz site?

Thanks again : )

You can find a download link for VEAI 2.6.4 at the top of the thread here:

Yesterday I downloaded the latest updates.
Doesn’t work AT ALL.
Keeps saying AI ERROR no matter what preset I engage, no matter what size video I use.

Unreal to pay money for a program that actually gets WORSE as you continue to use it.

I will try the v2.6.4

Thank you once again Michael. : )

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This is exactly what I’ve done. I was on 3.0.12 and got the upgrade notice. I upgraded and then found out my license had expired so I paid for a new license, only to find that the 3.1.0 release is 4 times slower than the 3.0.12 release. I reinstalled 2.6.4 to get things done. As I’ve posted before, I know this is complex software but I’ve never seen a company release expensive beta-quality software as GA at the rate Topaz does.

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Got no problems. I had video input problems a few times in the past.
But 3.1x runs 20-30% faster and is stable as 3.07 and newer.
1 crash when using all options. Upscale to 4k, doubling frame rate and demotion blur.
Runs fine on 3 Macs (Intel, M1, M2), render jobs are 9h to 3 days per file, Macs running 24/7

Versions 3.06 and before were buggy.

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Cool, thanks for the response.
Going to give 3.1 a shot.

Will let you guys know,

Take care : )