Updates not installing on gigapixel

Gigapixel tells me it has 2 updates. When I click to download them, it immediately goes to install button, and when I click install now, it exits the app. But when I re-open the app, it tells me I have the same 2 updates available.

Let’s have you start a Support ticket where our team can investigate further. It will be easier to communicate one on one.

I don’t know how to start a support ticket and you provided no instruction for how to create a ticket… so could you please do it for me! You make it very difficult to communicate w/o providing a phone number.

Thank you.

Robert Wederich

Hi Robert,
I completely understand your frustration and apologize if I didn’t make these instructions clearer.
The link I provided opens a pop up chat box so that you can speak to someone in real time.

Or you can start a direct email with us by selecting “Email us”.

This link should show you a pop up for our Chat.

Are you able to find this pop up on your screen when you click the link?