Updated TensorRT models for VEAI


I officially request that this possibility be added to the Video Enhance AI program: i.e., the updated “TensorRT” cores models for speed improvements with latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs, as has already been the case with your other 2 programs, Gigapixel AI and DeNoise AI!

Thanks a lot! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

that sounds interesting, would you mind to share more information about this? performance increase in comparison to x? is model baes on other models like artemis but with tensor boost?

Perhaps I misunderstood: I meant to suggest that the program should be updated as soon as possible to apply the same update already applied to “Gigapixel AI” and “Denoise AI,” i.e., the performance improvement with recent Nvidia RTX cards with all conversion models, so that the program’s upscaling speed would be significantly improved!!!