Update is terrible, who thought this was a good idea?

it crashes anytime I do color adjustment. The new layout I hate. The old version was so simple and way better. if its not broke don’t fix it!!. Now I have to do extra clicks to add color adjustment, color balance etc.

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i don’t have the crashes but i agree with the UI. There is a reason why 95.3% of all editing-ish programs use a “normal” ui. Photoshop hasn’t changed it’s (much) for decades.

That said Microsofts absolutely idiotic (compared with customizable slim symbol bars) ribbons idea is copied way too often.

I agree. I went back to the previous version and didn’t renew my updates. I’ll wait a year and see if they end up going back to respond to all of the complaints.

I agree, I will do the same, went back to the previous version and wait for a solution