Update Elligibility

So, now that we are officially in the era of paid updates (not here to debate the merits), how do I know if I am eligible for a specific update when I am outside my update window? For example, my update window closed on Aug 31, but DeNoise AI told me an update was available that was released Sept 3. I installed it, and it opened, so I guess I’m OK. (Or am I?)

On “My Products” page, it shows the latest version. Is this the latest that I can run, or just the absolute latest?

Will the programs be smart enough to notify me only of updates for which I am eligible?

Will I just have to download and install to find out if I can run a specific version?

Would 2.2.11 to 2.3 be a “new version”? Or would that be 2.2.11 to 3.0?

Please raise a support request at the main website, this is a user to user forum.