Update downloads stalling after 657mb

I have uninstalled 2.4 and my Beta Versions after programs stopped automatically picking 3 preview models. Now after install into a fresh directory, the program has 2.17gb of updates to download and has frozen at 657mb. What is happening? I can’t use the program? Never had a problem like this with full version or BETA versions. Have left program downloading overnight at one point. Still frozen. Tried again this morning. Is there something wrong with the server?


I am having this same problem. When I test a new model it wants to download new parts and the screen just starts flickering. I turned off the firewall, reinstalled veai, ran as administrator etc. no go. Last night I did a complete reinstall of win10 pro and veai still it now has stopped at 2.99GB/26.40GB. Ugh. 16gbram, nvidia 1650super

something broke, I noticed proteus v3 was made available and that it was a cause of a problem, maybe something wrong there? I reinstalled and manually deleted any files related… still an issue

2.6 just got released, I’m guessing that will fix this

This sounds like your model file path may not be correctly set.

Are you on a Windows machine? If so, File > Model Manager > Preferences and select the following file path for your models:
User account > App Data > Roaming > Topaz Labs LLC > Video Enhance AI > Models

As a note, The App Data folder will be hidden. To find it, select View > Show Hidden

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Since yesterday I have had the same problem as mccarter - it wants to download new models but the whole Topaz window just flickers madly, alternately showing message boxes “Preparing AI Model” and “Downloading Optimised Model File”. Not a pretty sight.

I updated to 2.6 today and it was the same.

I changed my model file path as ida.topazlabs suggested, but no difference.

According to Task Manager, there is high download activity, but it has been so for 40 minutes now and I don’t even know what is being downloaded or where.

For me, VEAI is broken!

I have the same problem. VEAI is not usable. No downloads possible. I think the best solution would be to provide links to the files and users can manually add them to the right folder.

I have the same problem with 2.6.1
It just keeps acting like it is downloading. :unamused:

Well guys, I decided to dive into what @ida.topazlabs was saying and found something interesting. For some odd reason, my Video Enhance AI folder that is located within the roaming/app data had turned into a shortcut instead of an actual folder. I deleted the shortcut and made a fresh folder named “Video Enhance AI” and opened it to make a fresh folder called “Models” in the path that was mentioned. I then opened the program and things are going smooth again! I hope this helps somebody out.

Unfortunately my folder is a folder, so it didn’t help me!

I contacted Topaz support about the problem on 14th November a few days after my first posting here. I had an immediate automatic reply asking me to send them a copy of Windows System Profile (DxDiag.txt). Next day I had another reply asking me to uninstall VEAI, delete some App Data folders and two registry keys, then re-install VEAI. I did all that, but it didn’t help.

The last part of the email said that if the above didn’t work, I should email Topaz a copy of the VEAI logs created when the problem happened.

I did that the next day but have had nothing from Topaz since then, 8 working days ago.
My VEAI is still unusable.

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I had this problem in 2.4 and now in 2.6.1. All I did is to install each model individually in the Model Manager. Then when it finishes, I go to the next. If it hangs on one, I’d either move on to the next one anyway (sometimes it suddenly finishes the previous download once I download another), or if that doesn’t work, I just reopen the program and download it again.

It’s tedious and annoying, but it does work, and it (likely) doesn’t stall.