Update 3.0.1 Denoise issues

Anyone having issues with the new update to Denoise. 3.0 worked brilliantly but update popped up today so I updated. Mistake! The processing is a lot poorer, struggling to see too much of a difference from the original image whereas 3.0 results were outstanding. Then when I save image and it exports to my folder it looks nothing like the preview image. It’s completely overexposed and washed out. Doesn’t make any difference if I use AI or Clear or Low noise. New to this forum and to tell the truth finding it hard to get answers. I’ve put in a ticket request to see if tech can help that was a couple of hrs ago. Not sure what turn around is like. Perhaps someone on here has an idea on response timescales and or an idea on how to resolve my issue. Wish I could just roll back to 3.0!!!

About the same issue here. It denoises but my images seem to be washed out and loose lots of detail. When i play with the sharpness slider nothing happens. Cant see much difference between 0 and 100 percent sharpening.

Are you sure you don’t have the brightness function turned on?

There is another update due today. See if that helps. If not, you’ll need to give details of your system and GPU etc., so the Windows experts here can help. No issues for me on Mac OS so far.

Thanks for you reply. First ill try a new install and see what happens.

I just installed 3.0.2 30 minutes ago and works fine for me. I had other problems before unrelated to 3.0.1 but I’m happy everything is working great for me again.

Yes, I am not impressed at all with the new version I am about to downgrade to the previous version 2 which in my opinion was really good.