Undo function not available in Photo AI Remove Tool

I have used Remove Tool in Photo Ai but the problem is some times the remove tool does not do a good job and there is no way I can undo the action. The only choice I have is the RESET button, which is not practical as all the other actions done earlier will also be reset. Please introduce the very essential and important “UNDO” feature/button. Thank you very much.

This is due to be introduced soon.

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Great to hear that this coming.

Just lost all the previous removal iteration because the remove tool created an eye on a spot next to the eye which I wanted to remove. The only way to avoid the bird having 3 eyes…reset everything and start afresh, with the hope (and fear) that this will happen again.

ADDITION: And the manual is correct, Less risk of artefacts like additional eyes, if you remove larger areas. GREAT JOB of REMOVE TOOL: Just managed to remove a twig running squarely over breast and parts of the head of a bird, and the sky. With other editors, I was used to divide the task into different parts, depending on the context of the object. But with this tool, you have to work in a different way. So far so good, but an “undo” button would nevertheless be highly appreciated.


Removal of MANY twigs. See attached images (after removal and before, with some lighting changes). Amazing. But: Result could have been much better if I was able to undo certain not so good iterations.