Unable to limit CPU usage

Video AI does not support limiting the number of cores used by the CPU, which is a poor design, with modern multi-core CPUs, the benefit of using more cores is minimal, but it will make the whole system sluggish.

In the previous version I used the start command in the CLI, which allowed me to specify the number of cores to use when processing, but now it is invalid, no matter how I run it, it will use all cores.

Use the Windows Affinity option?

Start limiting the software and people then start to complain it’s slow, as they do already.
Enought posts from people complaining their cpu / gpu is not being used 100% :slight_smile:

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Moving this thread over to the “Ideas” subforum, thanks for your feedback!

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You’re right.

If a person requires a program to squeeze 100% of the CPU, it can only mean that he is not running other programs at the same time. Obviously, this will not be everyone’s choice, and a way is needed to balance both.

That’s not the whole question, I need to know why start /affinity * ffmpeg doesn’t work anymore?

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