Twilight Zone 1985 - Tough source to upscale

Ok I have had great success using Topaz to upscale more modern 2000’s videos some quite remarkable results.

I recently went through my DVD collection and saw The Twilight Zone from 2002, there has never been a Bluray release so I ripped all episodes and used Topaz Video Ai to upscale to 1080p, the results were great.

I then went to The Twilight Zone 1985 from my DVD collection and it seems they only ever recorded on video never on film at the time, such a shame.

This one was quite challenging and I am submitting it to you to get it into the system to learn this one.

There are strange vertical patterns in some areas which make it tough.
I attempted different settings and these were the best settings I could obtain.

520 PAL to 1080p

Motion Deblur On

  • Themis

Frame Interpolation

  • Apollo
  • Sensitivity 10


  • Progressive - Proteus Fine Tune/Enhance
  • Parameters - Auto
  • Add Noise 0


  • Amount 2
  • Size 1

Output Settings

  • ProRes 422LT

If possible upload your best result. For what I can see we have a rave party of compression blocks and probably will be better to remove almost all that crap before processing it in TVEAI.
I love challenges! Lets see what I can do…

I would try, but it’s says it was deleted. Either way, I would use vapoursynth to try and clean some of it up. Not sure you would be into trying to figure out how to get that working for you.

Hello, Carlito here is my result with my previously mentioned settings.
ForSerious my Dropbox was full so I had to do some cleaning.
I have the original DVD rip and my upscale results.

See how you guys go.

I find it odd that it’s not in MPEG2 but already in H.264… if it’s really from a DVD. Either way, it looks like VHS material.

Yes sadly as I stated it seems this 1985 series was video recorded not filmed.
Therefore unlike the original series, they have not fared as well and no Bluray.

I have further tweaked the models some more and got great results (only 11 hours to go).
All settings as previously but then under

  • Video Type - Progressive
  • Ai Model - Artemis - Denoise/Sharpen
  • Input Video Condition - Strong Halo
  • Add Noise - 0

Here is a comparison 10 points if you can guess the actor.

I wish we could manage presets I can not delete old ones and I wish we could export them that way I could upload them here and share them.

If you’re on Windows: “C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets” is where the presets are stored. ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may have to show hidden folders—if entering it into a window doesn’t work.

So far, you look like you’re on a better track than me. The only real progress I made was getting rid of the vertical lines by increasing the Add Noise slider.

On Windows: RUN → %programdata% → \Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets


you can copy the presets and share, manage, etc.