TVAI 2 output files

I am using the new 3.0.1 version of TVAI on Windows 10 with Nvidia 3080.

I am working with a source that is interlaced DVD input. I’m upscaling 225% (1620x1080). I chose interlaced progressive and Dione:Robust for the model.
I’m outputting h.265 Main with .mp4 container and 2.5 bitrate.

This takes more than twice as long under 3.x as it did with 2.x. I’m not sure why, but I’m willing to live with it, if it means better quality.

The part I would like help with is, when I let this run, I end up with 2 files instead of 1.

The first part of both filenames is the same as the input file, but the second parts are:

The first one is 492 MB and the second is 492.9 MB. They look very similar when I watch them.

I’d really rather not have two files created every time I do this. Does anyone know why this happens? (And what the difference is?)

Thank you.

From my testing, this is what I found:

  • The _300648093_tvai.mp4 file is a file Topaz Video AI saves while it’s processing. It appears this is supposed to be a copy of your video processed so far just in case Topaz Video AI crashes or your computer shuts down.
  • Once the processing has finished, I believe it’s supposed to be renamed or re saved as _168749763_dtd4.mp4 and you should have just one file. The issue is this isn’t happening properly.

I personally found this occured when I started processing videos, then changed the setting for Allow recoverable video (Not sure what it’s actually called)

In Topaz Video AI 3.0.1, the setting for whether or not you want to have a recoverable video appears to be removed from the UI. So changing the setting during processing probably isn’t the cause in your case. And I personally have stopped using the GUI in favor of Topaz Video AI ffmpeg command line tools that doesn’t have this issue, so I can’t comment on experiencing it recently.

Maybe clearing your Topaz Video AI settings by deleting the relevant settings files will help? Sadly I don’t know where those files are saved.
Maybe it’s a bug and you should report it to the development team?