TSP files being deleted!

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I’ve come across a disturbing problem with Studio deleting .TSP files completely from my system. I’ve raised a ticket - 144141 - but I’ve also made a few more discoveries since then. The problem is not consistent, but I think I know how to recreate it. Emphasis on think! Happy to provide any info you want.

I am actually working on that right now.

When user renames a tsp file it was causing crashes. I will report more soon,

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Thanks Ashley. I’ve made some detailed notes on what I’ve discovered if that’s of any interest to you? However, I now can’t replicate the original problem - it seems to be working fine now, though renaming/copying causes deletion still.

Sure, you can post them here, or if you like you can upload them to this drop box I just made.

I’ll be watching this forum and I eagerly await your response.

Thanks for your feedback sir.

It’s just a Notepad file so hardly worth the effort of Dropbox!

Topaz TSP Error.txt (2.5 KB)

Any questions, just ask!

“Probably the first thing to mention is that every time I save a project file I get the “not responding” message in the title bar for about 10 seconds - this may or may not be significant.”

This one I have implemented a fix for, if it is not already in 1.10.3 it will be in beta 1.11.0 “:)” so that will stop annoying you soon.

As far as the files getting deleted, I have implemented a fix for that when the cause was the tsp file being renamed. That fix will go out with Beta 1.11. However, I am not yet convinced that I have fixed all possible causes, there may be other cases causing these deletions as of yet.

I will test all the cases you enumerate in your text file, thank you very much for compiling this. Finding and testing edge cases can be difficult for just little old me to do by myself because I can’t think of how every user will use the program. I probably would have never thought of these use cases, so this is very handy to me.

Probably I will find and fix some bugs because of your efforts, thank you very much PMeach! “:)”

You’re welcome Ashley. The “not responding” seems to have cleared itself already, even on the public release which I was using for all this - perhaps the reboot cleared some glitch.

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That is good to hear. A good old fashioned reboot can fix the problem very often. “:)”

I know this is a while back, but it slipped my mind, sorry. Not sure when it happened of course, but with the new public release this appears to have been fixed. Thank you so much.


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