TS1 preset behaving badly in TS2 version

I have set up a TS1 preset after the Greg Rostami technique, which uses Topaz Impression and Topaz AI ReMix. When I change the opacity slider in AIR using the TS1 preset - it changes back to it original setting.

The TS2 version on the other hand - I take the AIR opacity to 0 and back to 100% - and a completely different (and much darker) result!

I suspect we might have to accept that TS2 presets will behave somewhat differently to those brought over and made in TS1?!

Here is a video of the difficulty - you can skip to about 1m30s before the TS1 opacity change may be seen. At 3m20s the much different result in TS2 “of the same opacity change” in AI ReMix may be seen. The video quality is much better when watched at YouTube itself.

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Wow. That does get significantly darker.

I reminds me of the same effect I experienced (sorta) when during beta I’d scroll to the bottom of the texture assets then scroll back up to the top of them and not find what was showing at the top when I 1st opened Texture. Turned out for some reason the interface was opening up to Texture in the middle of the Texture assets ‘catalog’. This seems to be doing the moral equivalent. Only with tones. It’s starting you at a point, you go down to the bottom and then when you try to return to the original point you go somewhere way beyond it. It was puzzling wrt to the Texture assets catalog why users wouldn’t be opened to the very top and be able to return to the very top. This is puzzling too…

Cool digital painting, BTW.