TS 2 Textures Manager

How do you get the Categories to lay out like that?

I only see it in a list (w/out garbage pails - or whatever that symbol is to the right of each category) above the texture assets thumbnails catalog.

Is there a way to add texture Categories folders too?? Or, is there just a My Textures category like there is a My Looks folder? When you say you’ve been adding textures, where do they go? If you click on “Add Texture” do you pick or create a category for where you want it to go? I haven’t tried that.

What do you mean by the ‘Categories Mgr.’? Sounds like something to be accessed from a pulldown menu somewhere. Sorry to sound so dense… just don’t remember ever hearing or knowing about it.

When you add a filter for Texture look for the box with the arrow on the right side of the Categories drop-down. We had it in TS1 too. It is where we add our own textures.


open image, then click on add filter, and pick textures
and where it says category and defaults to ALL, there is a button on the right on that which looks like a broken box with an arrow going inside thebox from the top left

click on that box and you will see the textures on the left window

and then click on Add Category - and call it whatever , something like daily textures or flypaper or French Kiss, click on it afterwards and click the right button that says IMPORT texture, and choose a directory, control A for all and enter and they will be added

as for the download/categories manager, I have no idea what he is talking about

hope that helps

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Well that’s cool! I never tried adding Textures before - to any of the Topaz products. I’ve created general presets but not textures.

Will have to give it a run! I like shooting textures when I’m out roaming about…

Thx Rachel!

That helps. Other than applying some textures (I don’t do it all that often like some people do as a matter of course) I’ve never created any. I’ll try your tutorial. May open a whole new world!

yes pretty cool, I did not know either, did not know it even existed in studio1 - so I started looking tonight in the menus and finally found that little square box with the arrow which I never would have noticed otherwise

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Hi Rachel, The broken box does open up another window. On the right hand side it shows a larger window with the word “Textures” on top, but unlike what your screen shot shows (several textures) on my screen that entire box is blank. There are no textures in the window below. The window on the left is titled “Categories” and it just lists the various texture categories with a garbage can to the right. If I click on the added category and then hit the “Import Texture” button, it takes me to a folder on my computer desktop. It has nothing but some jpg files. There are no textures showing there. I will be gone for the next couple of days with no access to the Internet. I’ll check back on Sunday night.

You then need to navigate to where your own textures are stored, then you can select any/all of them and import them into Studio and use them in addition to the system ones (when you get that part fixed of course).


exactly, make sure you know where your stored textures lie in your computer - when I created a category, I went fast and just called it “my own” and dumped three directories of textures in it - just to see if it works and it does - next time, I will created many categories to separate my textures in a more meaningful way