TS 2 Impression - Strokes

In TS2 Impression there are 17 strokes (brushes). Is it possible to import custom brushes (bmp, psd etc formats) into Impressions?

Did you ever find the answer?

Wow…I asked that question over 2 years ago and no, I never received an answer. Personally, I thought it was a very good question!

So 2 years later, do you still use TS2? :slight_smile:
I’m testing it atm and this is a deal-breaking feature for me, as I can’t achieve what I want with the default ones they included… I’m sure it can be done somehow, just dont want to spend ages hacking my way through this… :sweat_smile:

Yes, I still use TS2 - daily. It works well as a bridge with Affinity Photo (which I can apply different brushes) and it’s in Affinity Photo where I use TS1 a lot.

I recently had to upgrade my PC and now find I can bring up “Looks” very easily (it’s memory hungry so be warned) I also use TS1 which in my opinion is better than TS1. TS1 has ability to save multiple images which you can go back to over and over again with different looks. It also allows importing of layers of other images, something you don’t have in TS1.

There are some good YouTube tutorials on TS2 which will help you test the application.

Good luck on your choice!