Trying to upscale this video to 4k

its “chantal kreviazuk - dear life” on youtube. i downloaded it using jdownloader 2.

its original resolution is 468x360, its 29.97 fps, im trying to upscale this to 4k using the trial version.

i tried already gaia hq and cg, on (h265 10) mp4 output, and the default prores 422 lt, and it was not good.

1:06 in the video for instance.

please show me how.

I think Laura Pausini is better.

blowing up such a small video to giant 4 k will not make a great result I am afraid. also the source file is made of a too low quality. :eyes:

Actually, contrary to intuition, upscaling from small to large usually works wonders, especially for anti-aliasing. Back in the day, ppl used to make super-screenshots (for fanart and such), supported by the game renderer, that were like scaled 8-16 times. Aka, huge. Then scaling it back to original size already showed improvements (also contrary to what one might think).

The idea behind the super-screenshots, of course, was, that the enlarged image literally has a lot more room for interpolated data (like a repaired curve, with fugly anti-aliasing on the original). And those super-screenshots didn’t even use A.i.: they just rendered at a higher resolution.

VEAI should work great on the OP’s small video too, especially with AA and deblocking and such. There’s an under-limit, naturally, at which miracles can no longer be expected. That threshold, for me, usually lies at ca. 480p. Below that, it gets harder. Still, release Proteus on that baby, and he should still get reasonably good results, I think.

good luck then :slight_smile:

i tried to fix the video using these settings and except for a few seconds it looks nice like the ads say the topaz labs software makes, so thank you i will probably buy it later on when im rich, but i had fun here is my settings for free too:


video in = 468x360 @ 29.97 FPS

video out = 1920x1080 (FHD)
29.97 FPS (Original)

video type = progressive

ai model = proteus - fine tune/enhance
parameters = manual
revert compression = 10
recover details = 20
sharpen = 10
reduce noise = 50
dehalo = 100
anti aliasing/deblur = 7
add noise = 0

h265 Main10 (NVIDIA)
container = mp4
bitrate = 180
audio settings = auto

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