Trying to update to 3.0(or higher)

I have Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.0 that I bought in 2021, and have since upgraded to 2.6.4.

I’ve tried upgrading to 3.0 via the ‘an update is available, click to download’ from the upper left corner of the program. I see it downloading, but where does it go? It’s not in my This PC Downloads folds, or in the folder I have indicated in my Chrome browser, or on my desktop.

I found this site:Topaz Video AI v3.0: Rebuilt with a new stabilization model, smarter workflows, and improved video enhancement capabilities

‘Pricing for Topaz Video AI
$299.00 for new customers, which includes one year of app updates.
Existing Video Enhance AI customers with an active license get Topaz Video AI v3.0 for free.
Existing Video Enhance AI customers without an active license can purchase an additional year of app updates for $149.00, which includes Topaz Video AI v.3.0.’

What does ‘active license’ mean? I bought my original 2.0 in 2021, and have not was not charged for the 2.3, 2.4 and 2.6.4 upgrades that I’ve made since then.

Since it’s been over one year, I no longer get free updates? If I want to update to 3.0 or higher, I need to pay a fee?

This sounds like the case for you. Your licence expired but they are offering you a discount on v3.

Thanks for the fast response. I see that the current version is something like 3.35? Is there a way to update from my current 2.6.4 to the newest version, or, do I have to update from version to version to version?(any pay a fee each time). Is there a download page where I can download the most current version, and pay just one update fee?


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The official downloads page is here:

Thanks for the link. The Windows link took me a page that wouldn’t load…then I noticed that it automatically started downloading TopazVideoAI-3.3.5.msi. There was no ‘paywall’ to start the download, it just started by itself.

  1. Do I pay the fee after I update?
  2. How do I update…double click the .msi file?

It will be in trial mode until you activate it with a license

How do I find out the price of that license?

You already told me the pricing yourself…everything you need to know is on the main topazlabs website.

That $149 update fee was for 3.0, not for updating from 2.6.4 to 3.3.5. The Topaz website only has a ‘Buy for $249’ price, I don’t see anything about updating for $149.

Log in to your account page on the main topaz site, options for upgrading your licence should be there.

I was already signed in to the main site…Ah ha! You have to go to ‘Account’, then ‘My Products’, then under ‘Download’, there’s ‘Latest 3.0.0’ and ‘Renew upgrades’. Clicking that brings up 'Topaz Video AI (1 Year Upgrade Plan) for $119. Why isn’t 3.3.5 available…is it too new?

v3 covers all 3.x.x releases