Topaz Video AI v3.3.5

Hello Everyone!

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released July 18th, 2023

Downloads: Windows | Mac

Changes from v3.3.4

  • Fixed invalid state for start frame number when passed an empty string
  • Fixed Start Frame Number getting invalid number when deleting value to modify it on Windows
  • Fixed values close to max available for Start Frame Number getting random or negative values
  • Start Frame Number & Same as Input locations have been swapped
  • Fixed Start Frame Number not resetting to original when selecting “Same as Input” in Preferences

Known Issues:

  • Videos with mismatched metadata and streams will display incorrect duration
  • Frame number preview length may shorten on app restart
  • Export settings from old presets might not be applied correctly. Try creating a new preset if this happens to you.
  • Deleting custom Start Frame Number value may place that setting into an invalid state on Windows. As a workaround, select the value and modify it

Submit files here: Dropbox

Please take a look at the Video Roadmap Update for more context on what we’re focusing on right now. Thanks in advance for your feedback!


I just uploaded my benchmarks for new version. Thank you for the weekly updates.


I feel that being able to save and load a jobs queue should not be so difficult to implement and combined with a delayed start feature, would be really useful.

Feels strange that after all this time its still not implemented even though its a really simple and basic feature.


Hi, thanks for the feedback! This is something we are interested in exploring. We are working to add pause and resume, however, it sounds like you are interested in a project library? If so, could you post in the ideas section of the forum?

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Oh yeah definitely a pause and continue conversion feature is much needed as well now that you mention it!

I have already posted the jobs queue save/ load ability a couple of months ago: Jobs queue save/load feature

Compared to the pause/continue ability, which has to be able to stop the conversion and pick it up where it left it, what I am asking is even simpler.

Its just a matter of exporting a document (xml or json for example) that lists each video on the queue and its encoding parameters.


:rofl: :joy: :wink: forgive me :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

What do you mean?

Oh I see… ::

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this is clearly not true ! but as you’re on this forum since only 4 months how would you know ?

not fair ! the team and dev work hard on this software and apply as much suggestion as possible but it’s a very small team, and they can’t add to the software 5265445 suggestions in one week. and clearly the pause one is on their to do list.


Marty I wouldn’t worry about it because he is just like a “troll” posting many ignorant assumptions in many threads.

You can see that since April he has viewed 166 topics and created 133 posts as well as 13 topics. Again many with irrelevant posts and personal attacks on support staff and other members.

Just ignore him as many of his posts will be deleted.


Live Preview is still broken with v3.3.4, v3.3.5, running Windows 10 22H2 Build 19045.3208, Nvidia GPU, same with Intel IRIS Xe GPU.

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When I run the 3.3.5 installer it fails with this message…

Okay, I get it, it needs the actual msi file you installed your current version with to uninstall it so you can install the new one. I thought uninstallers didn’t rely on someone keeping the original installer in the same place it was run to install the software, but were copied somewhere safer? (Could be fun for people who download stuff to their Desktop…)

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I agree.
Live preview is still broken.
if Timecode is 00:00:00:00,Live Preview is working.
But when Timecode is moved, it does not work.


ok, i was not aware of this “new guy”, i had no internet access since march, i slowly come back after getting a new line. thanks for letting me know !


Windows does store a copy of the installer in a system location, and we have added functionality to our installers to use this copy during upgrades. However, in some cases this file may be deleted prematurely which can cause the error you’re seeing.

This is usually caused by various “cleaner” programs, especially ones that attempt to cleanup or “optimize” the installer cache. An upgrade using the full installer for the current version, and a copy of the previous version’s installer when prompted, should restore the missing file and prevent the issue in the future.

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I can confirm, I’ve just tested it.


By the way, the file in question is located in a hidden folder in “C:\Windows\Installer”.
Personally, I always have fun deleting it to save space. Because I know I can use the setup from the previous version to install the new version and then delete the cached file again in the folder mentioned in the first line of my sentence.

Yes, we are still working on a fix! I will be DMing the three of you soon, but I will post here too :slight_smile: Myself and Yazi were able to reproduce this and we are now narrowing in on the variables!


Perfect, thankyou @ida.topazlabs looking forward to quick resolution.

I don’t run any cleaner programs other than the one you get in the Windows Properties Dialogue for the drive.
Where I will sometimes use “Clean Up System Files”… which seems to happily leave 69GB in the windows\installer directory. I would be pretty confident MS wouldn’t delete any program registered as an uninstaller…

I don’t see anything the correct size to be the 3.3.4 installer in the windows installer tree (viewing hidden, system, etc. files) and haven’t done any clean-ups since installing it. I don’t manually delete anything in the installer tree.

Having installed 3.3.4 the “Clean up system files” option gives a total of 119MB it can recover, so it isn’t deleting any copy of the 685MB 3.3.4 installer. Are you sure you copy it somewhere?

Oh wait, I see a file of similar, but not the same, size as the 3.3.4 installer in the windows installer tree that is a Topaz file… curious…
51e07540 .msi 685,273,088 .a… 19-07-23 14:54:03
TopazVideoAI-3.3.4 .msi 685,268,992 .a… 12-07-23 10:21:50
But the MS clean-up systems files option still isn’t deleting it…
(The 429 MB mainly comes 249MB of thumbnails and 53.9MB of temp files which aren’t ticked here.)
So I did the clean-up with system files selected and the 685MB file is still in windows/installer…