Trying to cancel Studio makes Photoshop hang

Hi all,
I’ve just started seriously using Studio and sometimes forget to create a layer from the background. In this case I get a warning that the effects cannot be saved, and options to continue or to cancel. If I choose “cancel” PS hangs, with the warning that I am using a filter and I should click OK to continue or cancel to exit. The problem is that there is nowhere to click, and this hangs PS completely, at which point I have to do a hard shutdown with Task Manager (Win 10 Pro 64). What am I doing wrong?

Reset Ps Preferences by using a Ctrl/Alt/Click at startup (or the Mac equivalent) - see if that works

You should be getting this message about the background layer which is simply a warning. Just press Continue to launch the plugin anyway, or press Quit to exit and return to PS before starting the plugin.


Hi Don,
Thanks for your response. Two things I want to mention. First is that that is indeed the warning I am getting, but what is strange first is that the “Continue” and “Quit” buttons look different. The fonts are larger and the letters are cut off inside their buttons. That may or may not have any bearing on my problem.

When I get the warning, if I hit “Continue” the plugin launches, and I can, from within the plugin, quit normally.

If, instead, I hit “Quit” the whole thing hangs forever. The Duplicate Layer Reminder disappears, but the Topaz Labs Plugin banner remains, and no way to get rid of it. If I click on it it flashes, but there is no way to get rid of it and Photoshop remains in that state no matter what I try. My only recourse is to end the whole PS process in Task Manager and lose whatever work I have done, which is clearly annoying.

My workaround is to try to remember: 1) to create a layer from background before going into Studio. Failing that: 2) to bite the bullet and if I have got to the warning, to go ahead and launch Studio and close from within it to get back to PS and create the needed layer. If it of any use I can do a screengrab of how the reminder appears.

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OK, If you are using Topaz Studio v1.14.4 and your Photoshop version is CS4+ then you will need to raise a support request.

Head over to the Topaz Labs website, Support section and raise a support request.