Trying Out Topaz Studio 2

(I can’t seem to upload photos. I can’t delete this post either. Sorry.)


You should be able to, just click on the up-icon in the post header, the one with the PC and Up Arrow:


Thank you, AiDon. I did try that, however I get “Sorry, you can’t put images in a post”. Maybe I’ve been inactive for a while and have to participate in some discussions first.

Let me know if that happens again as your profile seems to be OK.

PS like the work on the image.

You can just drop the picture into the editing window. That’s why I always do.

Mid-Century Modern. I like it.

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Very nice. I added the image for you.

Thank you, Kathy!

CabanaBoy, it didn’t occur to me that might be what the owners were going for. It could be a set for I Dream of Genie or My Favorite Martian (except maybe for the recessed lighting…) :slight_smile: .

The light is very pleasing in this image, that couch looks very inviting.

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