Trouble with video playback after processing

I render a video at any size (original or 2x) at 60fps and when I load the video in ANY video player (windows, VLC, Quicktime etc), the progress bar starts moving as if it’s playing, but the video is actually not playing anything.

Then a few seconds later it plays. If I try to slow down the video, it has a very hard time and just stops playing.

It never happened with the previous version of Topaz Video Enhance AI.

Hoping it’s just something I am doing wrong. Any ideas? The output video size is around 20mb and I input MP4 or MKV and both the same problematic output.

I have this same problem with the .mov outputs. So far topaz has not replied after I sent the issue directly.

MP4 seems to play. I am on windows 11 with a nvidia 3070 graphics card