Trouble with colors on my pics. First time I've used any Topaz product since Win 10 update

I don’t know why all my Topaz products have off colors suddenly.
Dpp and DxO show the pics fine.
Only in Topaz are the colors so horrible. Have never had this problem before.
Any idea what’s going on?
I tried to attch pics, but the files are too big and I don’t have time to fix that right now.
Basically, all Topaz pics have a dreadful greyish-brown cast to them.

I just looked at the same pic in Topaz Studio 1, and it has the same colors as Dpp and DxO.

Topaz Studio 2, Denoise AI seem to be the problem. Very odd!

If you are talking about RAW images the RAW conversions are on the list to be looked at.

Yes, I am talking about raw images.

I did try a jpeg version of one of my pics in Denoise AI ( just out of curiousity) and it was way out of whack color-wise also.

So if I understand, this is a known problem, and it going to be addressed?

If you are having the issues with JPEG images you should raise a support request at the main website. Typically there doesn’t seem to be issues with JPEG, PNG or TIF. It is a known issue with RAW images and it is being worked on.

For example here is the JPEG:

Here is the RAW: