Tropical Sunset

Combined 2 photos… one of the sunset and the tree to make this comp image. I used Studio _Simplify and Glow with some PS adjustment layers.




It is better than just great… So exciting.

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Outstanding work

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Love it!! The water looks great!

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Wonderful light

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Well done, great composition … great thought

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Wow factor! Great composition!

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Many thanks to @Bluemoon5, @Ricci, @Kathy_9, @Mond, @AiDon and @Michigander for your thoughts and comments and to those who gave it a Like… much appreciated!

Great composition! I guess the masking was quite challenging

Planned and executed well!

Thanks for the comment @Laundromat… for masking of the tree I used Channels masking. I always like to experiment with my masking options and techniques and found using a Channels mask worked pretty quickly and did a decent job.

Thanks Terry for your encouraging comment.

Excellent work… composite images are always fun to do…

Thanks @Gravymac for viewing and your comment… composite images are fun and my favorite kind of image’s to make.

I love this composite! I wouldn’t have guessed that 2 photos had been used. My first thought before reading your description was what a great job you did in positioning the camera to photograph the sunset from behind the tree. I love the post-processing, too. It has a great illustrated look.

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That is an amazing image. Brilliant composition.

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Thanks @Topacres and @Michigander for both of your very encouraging comments, they are very kind and deeply appreciated.