Trimming videos is a horrible experience, please enhance this

The preview is quite laggy, and when it comes to trimming the video, it’s very imprecise and annoying because when you move the cursor with the arrows, it’s laggy or something. So I often have to resort to third party software like LosslessCut to make accurate trims.

I’ve seen enough posts from people reporting glitches or duplicated frames at the beginning or end of enhanced clips that when I trim my videos in TVAI I always start them a second or two before the place I want to start and end them a second or two after the end, then do final trims in my video editor. In much the same way that cameras are run for a few seconds before the director calls “action” and run for a few seconds after the call to cut.

I never had that issue, but maybe it happens when you try to do precise cuts I guess.

This is an option, but it adds an unnecessary step.

Anyway, trimming works much easier when using the keyboard’s arrow keys for the final few images instead of the mouse.