Trimmed video has black frames

Using – Mac Mini M1 16GB SSD

I took two duplicate clips (1 hour each) and loaded them into VEAI.

I wanted to run 2 processes, so I trimmed each clip within VEAI.

1st clip was trimmed first hour of the video file.
2nd clips was trimmed second hour of the video file.

In the end, the 2nd clip had about 1 second of black no video, but the audio was still playing.

What did I do wrong?

Also what is the official name of this software now? I see VEAI and I see TVAI. I understand the 2.6.4 is VEAI, but I see VEAI v3 too (in your tags).

Bug? Yes. Sadly, I’ve been using ffmpeg longer than I have VEAI and I am highly confident that this is from ffmpeg. It has difficulty splitting movies at sections that are not key frames. It will cut the picture at the exact spot, but not the audio. The way I get around this is to not process the audio and then add it back in after I have joined the two clips back.

I’m sure someone else has a better way to do it.

Now if Topaz can fix this issue, their version of ffmpeg will be the best out there for splitting videos.