Transfering Topaz Studio 2

I still use Topaz Studio 2 and am sorry it was discontinued.

I have a new computer, with Windows 11 and would like to transfer everything in Studio 2 to the new computer. I’ve transferred the software, but the “Looks” did not transfer with it. I could use some advice as to how to transfer the “Looks”.

Any help will be appreciated.

Try looking in …

Otherwise search ProgramData, Pictures or Application Data

Typically though, if you search your old hard disk for “Topaz Studio 2”, sans quotes, you will find it.

Thanks for getting back to me Don.

Someone from Topaz Support got back to me and we resolved it.

I had to completely uninstall Studio 2 and then reinstall it from my original order history. For whatever reason, when I first transferred it, it didn’t transfer correctly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sorry they discontinued it.