Transfering to new computer

I’m building a new computer and hopefully will be transferring everything to it soon. I’ll be reformatting the old one and selling it. However, I also have a laptop that has some of topaz’s products on it. What do I need to do? Do I need to notify somewhere on the website?

No need to notify, just make sure they are removed off the old computer and then download and install onto the new computer from the Topaz Labs website.

thank you

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I “think” it’s all account login associated. So as long as your not using the same login info for the same program on 2 separate computers you should be good. This is my understanding anyway. You could always change your login account info online after you upgrade and wipe your old computer.

Thanks. I think you’re allowed 2. I have it on my laptop that I don’t use often and my desktop. I’m transferring to a new desk top soon.

2 would be ideal for me. Was going to sell my desktop but now probably keep it as a secondary PC.

Have been waiting for PC parts to be in stock. C’mon AMD/Nvidia, dare you to take my money!

Thanks for the info.