Transcode 5.1 audio to AAC

Is there any work being done to transcode 5.1 or 7.1 to AAC?

Currently 5.1 is being dropped to 2 channel only. I have a real problem with E-AC3 due to limited compatibility. Have to remux with an AAC or AC3 after upressing.

I know it’s not VAI’s real job but it would help to expand the audio capabilities since it is already transcoding to 2ch.

Hi Kevin,

We’re actually working on implementing this feature right now, and we plan to launch an expanded Export menu with audio transcode options and custom channel mapping soon.


That’s great! Also it would be great to be able to mux subtitle files without external tools if we want to export the video to MP4 or another format.

Great Tony! You guys a really on the ball! :grinning: