Tradeshow Demo - HDR

I was at the Imaging USA conference and show this past week and was very impressed with the demo and software. I specialize in real estate photography and was especially excited to see some abilities to work with HDR images to enhance… but, I cannot find which plug ins or combination of was used in the demo. A search in the support page and also here in the community has not revealed much help. I have also searched on Youtube, but nothing specific to indoor HDR?
Can anyone direct me in the right direction, or maybe the contact info for the gentleman who was at the show and is also in some of the videos?


Rod Hunter

There are a number of specific HDR software packages. Probably the best known is Photomatix, but there are many others. A new comer is Aurora, and quite often new software seems amazing until the bugs start to appear. Topaz (this discussion forum belongs to Topaz) does not make a specific HDR software but there are packages which would do much the same job such as Clarity, Adjust, and possibly Detail. But without having more specific information it is hard to help you out (unless anyone else was there!)

Thanks AngieD, I am not looking for the HDR software, have been using Photomatix for a while now and it works great.
I am looking for some instruction on a demo I saw at your trade show booth with a gentleman who showed me what he could do with an underexposed image (or one of a HDR set of images) to enhance and create a better look. He told us which product he was using, I believe it was only one, but I don’t remember exactly which one. I have been playing around with some of them but have been unable to figure out which one he was using for the demo. I was hoping to find some existing comment or instruction along the support pages and/or the community pages, but no luck. Is no one else doing real estate photography out there? :slight_smile: Thanks again

When you say "your’ trade show booth, I’m going to assume you mean a Topaz Labs booth. If so, perhaps @HeathRobinson can help?

Thanks? Yes, I am in a Topaz community group, so I am most likely talking about a Topaz trade show booth… ImagingUSA in Nashville last week, 2 gentlemen in the booth, the one that was demonstrating different plug-ins and functions was very good and knowledgeable and he said he was also one that does some of the instructional videos… but I have not been able to find him or anything associated with interior underexposure or interior HDR. Thanks again

Was he one of the speakers listed here?

Hello Rod, @rhunter04

I would think that any presentation by the Topaz guys would be using Topaz Studio. Once you have downloaded Studio, a simple search for “HDR” in the presets will give some options as a starting point. A preset will give you the adjustments that were used to create the look … these adjustments can then be adjusted (on the 30 day trial for a start) and then once you have decided on what adjustments will suit your needs they can be purchased for life.

If you are on Facebook and a member of the Topaz Studio group, send a DM to Heath. He’s very responsive.

I bet what you were seeing is Topaz Adjust. It’s great for generating single image HDR looks and correcting exposure, contrast and detail overall.

Greg doesn’t really demo Topaz Studio yet, he tends to stick to the plugins. Let me know if that sounds familiar.