Tractor's Anatomy

Vicinity of Fairfiled, MT, USA, July 2017

Photomatix + LR + Topaz Impression + Topaz Adjust

Original HDR:


Both are outstanding with my preference for the first one.

Very well done, great details !

Born on a farm and raised in a small farming community I can appreciate this. Just enough treatment in the first to give it punch. Thinking an old Allis Chalmers.

Love those big boy toys …nice work.

Love the look of both images and your treatments applied to the first is very successfully done… great work.

Thank you for comments everyone. This picture was taken at the farm of the guy who buys old tractors, fixes them, and re-sells them on his spare time. However, since the farmer does not have much time for his hobby, he happen to buy tractors faster than he can fix them - it is a collection. I have never seen so many tractors at one farm - probably over 100. The one I have presented you here is actually being used for parts. There are more to come :slight_smile: