TPAI 2.4.1 Significantly slower

Hi! Relatively new user of TPAI, but v2.4.1 is unusable.
I use a MB Pro with the M3 Pro chip, 18 GB RAM, running macOS 14.2.1. On v2.3.x I could import, run Autopilot, and export within about a minute, all on battery power. Connecting to a power supply didn’t really change that time. Just to show I’ve tried. I loved 2.3.x, it was a wonderful program.
Now, updated to v2.4.1, it takes over 10 seconds just to update the preview size from 100% to 10%. This is both on power supply, and battery power. Surely this can’t be right?
Clicking on the “Add Enhancement” tab and waiting for the menu to appear is a test of faith. I just tried it, and it took close to 3 minutes to change.
Importing multiple photos at one time is strictly off-limits, as far as the program is concerned.
I’ve restarted my MB Pro just to see if that helped, but no differences.
I don’t really think I’m stressing out the program importing a ~30mb .jpg file. In v2.3.x, I could upload raw .NEF files (Nikon raw format) from my camera and apply all the desired settings, upres to 4x and export without even the slightest frown, TPAI just chugged right along.
As a follow-up, I did reinstall v2.3.2 and suddenly experienced some significant slow down that I can’t begin to explain. Perhaps it’s my MBP, but I kind of doubt that.
Please help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please follow the instructions below to perform a clean install to better troubleshoot why you had this problem with Topaz Photo AI:

Start by clearing any previous plist files that are on your computer for Topaz Photo AI by following the steps in the link below:

Topaz Photo AI | plist Files Mac

After you have done this, disable any antivirus, firewall, VPN, or proxy software that might be active on your computer. These tools are sometimes known to interfere with the installer’s ability to download the model files.

Please also ensure that the Topaz Photo AI installer has all the proper settings in your system by going to your Mac System Settings > Privacy & Security tab and scrolling down to the security section. You will want to make sure you have 'App Store and identified developers ’ selected. Here is a video example:

Example of Proper System Preferences

Finally, rerun the installer. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly :

Topaz Labs Download Page

Let me know how that goes for you and I’ll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hello! thank you for the quick follow-up, that seems to have cleared everything up!
Thank you kindly!

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Please get rid of this upgraded interface and give us back the previous version, which was MUCH better in many ways.