TourBox Software Controller

I bought a Tourbox because the software of my Logitech G13 has not been updated since 2018 (For security reasons I do not like old software, see log4j) and I am very excited about the TourBox.

But the start was a bit bumpy, the quick corrections in Capture One did not want to work.

This is because you have to press [REP] on the right side of the button assignment so that the signal is sent permanently when holding down a button.

The keys can be assigned several times, e.g. if you press the side key and one of the arrow keys, you get another function that can also be a macro.

For Photoshop, for example, it is easier to make settings than for Capture One because they are available in the tour box software and can be easily assigned to a key or key combination.

I like to sit straight in front of the PC without having to bend over, when working for several hours.

I also had a ShuttleV2 to test but i did not work that great with Capture One.

Since I also bought a new keyboard because I don’t like the new Logitech Gamer stuff (the software there is a disaster), the Tourbox also replaces the Windows Media keys.

Hi Thomas, there is a good article about the TourBox NEO here and using macros to expand the editing:

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If you want you can upvote my request at Capture One.

I’ve been wanting “realtime” masks in Capture One for a while now, hopefully with the video I uploaded I finally convinced them.