Topz Denoise AI not loading after Windows upgrade

Apparently there is no longer a category for Denoise or Sharpen.

I use Topaz apps on two devices, a desktop PC for the majority of the work and a laptop when I travel. With an upcoming trip, I updated the laptop’s Windows, Photoshop and Lightroom. I DID NOT update Topaz products as they already were the latest versions. After the update, Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel do not load. The loading window appears briefly and disappears. There is no error log.
Complete removal of Topaz apps including registry entries has no effect.
Interestingly, Photo AI continues to work and only the other apps fail. I stress that this was a Windows only update, not Topaz software so is this a push towards Photo AI?
Despite the updates to Photo AI, in my experience the noise reduction is inferior to Denoise AI, which is why I continued with it. Lightroom’s new Denoise is comparable to Denoise AI so I will be going down this path.
I have already deleted all Topaz apps from the laptop and the second this happens on my main PC, will do the same.

Have you got Logs and a DxDiag run on the PC to look at the technical environment.

Then raise a support request ath the main website.