[TopazVideoPauser] Pause, Resume Video Tasks, Shutdown OS when Tasks Completed

Wrote this tool during my spare time, for anyone need to pause long running Topaz Video tasks and schedule OS shutdown.

TopazVideoPauser (Windows only)
Enables one-click pausing and resuming of Topaz Video tasks, also features functionality to schedule OS shutdown or sleep once the tasks are completed.

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Thanks for sharing this!


You’re welcome!

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TVAI beta version seems to be useless, but the official version is great
This is so cool! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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Огромная благодарность вам. Как же долго я ждал паузу.

I’m surprised that there is not more praise in here for this tool. People have been wanting this for years.

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So, then leave a like at the starting post :+1:

This is great! Thanks for creating this! Maybe Topaz should integrate this and give you a job! Or at least pay you for the feature…LOL

Yes, it’s great - but I am not the one to thank; I merely linked you here.
@sandcatgo is the one who did the work. :+1:


No matter how many times I tried, I couldn’t make more than one pause on the video. When I paused on the same video for the second time, it was not possible to resume processing even once. Not only that, but Topaz AI “froze” and could only be disabled through the Task Manager. So…

In addition, you need to pause when you want to turn off the computer at night. You need some kind of project script so that you can turn on your computer tomorrow and continue processing a long file from where you left off yesterday. Is there such an opportunity here?

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I’m going to try this. Very often renders take longer than I expect and I cant use my PC for a while day. Would be great to be able to pause it. Thanks for the efforts. Hope Topaz implements a pause button soon!

So, same issue as some here reporting. I can pause, but even on the first resume, it doesn’t start rendering again.

At this point, it’s about the same as just canceling the export. (4.1.2 here).

Thank you!