TopazStudio Please Load and Save 32Bit Color TIFFS

TopazStudio Request Load and Save 32 Bit Mode Color TIFFS.

I concur.

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Im with you on this, this tool would be amazing to uprez CG renders. I would go further and suggest supporting EXR (float and half float)

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Yes please :slight_smile:

I need this for CGI so I can upscale HDR files, so HDR support would also be most welcome.

I wasted a lot of time trying to get HDR upscaling to work in GigaPixel but it doesn’t - my constructive criticism is that the software shouldn’t allow you to import files which it does not yet support.

I concur with EXR.

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Not only that.
Raw tools like Rawtherapee advise the users to save their work in progress in tiff 32 bits floating point, in order to have the best render quality possible.

So yes, I think that it’s crucial to have this possibility.

More and more photos tools use this format.

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I would just like to see some indication that Studio 2 is going to be further developed by Topaz because nothing has happened for a very long time. They appear to have got bogged down with all the AI stuff whereas the concept of a central program to link all these add-ons has been lost.