TopazStudio - ability to set default Effects section

I didn’t see this one already posted as a request, but if it has, please accept my apologies for the duplicate.

As it stand now, everything I open Studio, I get an overall search on the public effects available to me, but I have created a set of specific effects that I always go to. But this means I need to then click on the MyEffects section to see them each time.

It would be great if there was a setting along with the option to show the Effects panel expanded on start to also be able to select the section we would like highlighted/selected/expanded on open as well.

It isn’t much of a slow down to processing to have to select it each time, but it is bit of an annoying step.


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I agree. This would be a big improvement for the general user.

It would also be a huge improvement for users creating actions. If we can set the panel we prefer to open and the preset we wish applied by default, it would make it much easier to create actions in Photoshop which could count on these settings.

It would also be enormously useful for those who process images in batches. For example, wedding photographers and those who do post processing for wedding photographers could use Topaz products with this simple feature.

Processing 300 or 1000 images by hand is a non-starter, but this one feature would make the product useful to many categories of power users.