Topaz Video Enhance AI seeing 2 GPU's when there is only 1

I’ve been having issues where Topaz is seeing 2 GPU’s on the system when I only have 1 attached.

This is a Windows10 Pro VM with a GTX1080 attached. Furthermore if Topaz attempts to use more than 4GB of VRAM it crashes being unable to allocate more…

I don’t know why or how to fix this. I have been having other issues with Topaz randomly crashing but the logs usually don’t have any info and I can’t contact support as there seems to no longer be a page to do so…

Everything was working fine for weeks until this started happening so not sure what I can do.

There should be a banner at the top of your pages, unless you have dismissed it previously, that has the links.

If you have dismissed it the post is:

Thanks, the chat popup was being blocked, but I have fixed it now. Might be a good idea to have some note mentioning its existence as some firewalls/adblockers can block things like that.

Ill contact support about the gpu issues.

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