Topaz Video AI v4.1.1

Спасибо, попробую.

on already semi high quality video, i found myself always go for the same models and parameters, let all of them load at once, then see which one looks the best: Gaia CG > Gaia HQ > Artemis MQ 100% > Iris LQ v2 sharpen 100 denoise 100 recovery 100 add noise 1 > Dione DV v3 > Dione TV v4

my question is, is there a way to set all of them as one preset to save myself the same clicks everytime? not a big deal at all just QoL.

also, it would be cool to be able to move through the different previews with up and down keyboard arrow instead of having to use mouse click so the eyes wont have to look up and down to find the preview to click, if there wasnt a way already. it will also make moving through a bunch of different previews much quicker.

thank you.

You can only save a preset for each of them, but not for all in one!

That’s definitely PSU problem.
I had the same issue, it was gone after replacing PSU.

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This is a follow up from a question I raised when v4 of Proteus was included in v4.1.0. At that time I was running Catalina on cMP (3 different machines, all with a GPU RX 580 8GB). The developers told me that I will not be able to use Proteus v4 on GPU because the macOS Catalina is too old. I finally found the time to upgrade to Monterey and the results are simply horrendous. Processing a 10 frames (EDIT) preview with Proteus v4 took 6 min 23 sec, while with Proteus v3 it was around 5 min 52 sec. Does anyone else has this problem? Because this results obviously seem like a joke.

Sorry, but that GPU just isn’t up to such tasks (AI) anymore. Nothing you can do here except buying a new machine - or live with the abysmal speed.


Thanks, I will check that.

If that’s the case, how come the same GPU running under Catalina using Video AI v4.1.0 with v3 of Proteus is 10 times faster compared to Monterey? And, maybe even more important, why the support advised to upgrade only macOS version? I provided all the specs of the machine and the hardware was not brought up.

I know that a lot of you, especially the beta testers, have the latest hardware but not everybody can afford that. You are basically saying that I have to spend $3,000, at least, to get a $250 piece of software running decently. And what sucks the most is that I just renewed my license at the end of December, right before Proteus v4 came out.

Also the requirements on the front page don’t mention anything that certain GPU’s or operating systems are not supported anymore.

By the way, thank you for your response and this has nothing to do with you personally, it’s just frustration on my part.

My oldest TVAI system uses a WX7100, which is just a bit slower than an RX580, and although it’s a Windows 10 system, the times it produces for a 10s preview of a 2X upsample from a 1080p source are not that far off from yours, except in reverse (5.5mins for Proteus V4, 6mins for Proteus V3).

Do Macs have control over CPU vs GPU prioritization for TVAI? It’s not an option in Windows.

I just realized I made a mistake in the original posting: it took 6 minutes to process 10 frames, not 10 seconds.

This is the thing: I don’t try to upscale to anything higher than FHD (1080p). Most of my sources (or projects) are older movies from the country I was born in. Worst case scenario I upscale from DVD sources (576p). But majority of them are in 720p or 1080p already. So what I am doing is just “cleaning” it.

I don’t know about prioritization but since in TVAI preferences I choose GPU I see the load on it, not on CPU. A better question would be: why the same model of TVAI is performing different under 2 different operating systems with the same hardware? And the catch is: it’s working worse under a newer operating system. It should be the other way.

If I would keep using TVAI under Monterey just for the sake of using Proteus v4, which I didn’t have a chance to test it thoroughly (for aforementioned reasons), it seems to take around 30spf (almost the same for Proteus v3). A normal movie has at least 120,000 frames. Doing the math, you realize that it would take 1,000 hours to finish one movie. Proteus v3 on the same machine does the same thing under Catalina and the performance is roughly 1spf. So this is 30 times slower. I didn’t have a chance this morning before I left for work to take some screenshots, but I will do it tomorrow when I get home.

I would guess the explanation is drivers. AMD doesn’t provide drivers for Macs the way they do for Windows and Linux, so Radeon users with Macs are pretty much dependent on whatever Apple provides. RX580 is pretty long in the tooth now, so is it possible that the newest Mac OS doesn’t include specific drivers for it and is using some kind of generic AMD driver instead?

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has anyone had any problems with the latest update with improving detail and fixing compression. There’s a huge difference in quality with the 4.1.1. It has been destroying my colors and adding lots of grainy purples and greens in dark areas. Ive tried multiple settings and can’t get the same results as before. wish I could go back!

On an Intel Mac you can still install Windows natively and then use the latest AMD drivers as usual!

Something, we haven’t seen roadmaps from developers for a long time!

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Yes, this would be a logical step. Also you can have the windows installation with bootcamp as Dual Boot config there and thus don’t lose MacOS for other things.

If this works the same way as VMs in Windows, I’d expect to see a 10-20% performance loss from the GPU.

I used Mac computers with native Windows for years and all I can say is that you do not lose any performance and that you get full compatibility for Windows applications and games!

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I found one bug a bit annoying. It’s mainly an instability bug. In fact, if you do several previews of the same video (I haven’t tested this with several videos), at some point the software will completely freeze. And sometimes you’ll have to wait for it to stop completely after trying to kill it from the Task Manager.
This kind of bug was not present in the last V3 update.

Just a suggestion. I actually have 2.
The first suggestion:

It would be better if the plugin version of the software was in the “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore” location rather than in its current “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 2024\Support Files\Plug-ins” location. So it can be used by either premiere pro or After Effect.

The second suggestion:
It would be possible to have a checkbox in the installer so that the user can decide whether or not to install the plugin. Because I don’t think everyone uses the video editing software in the Adobe suite. Or they simply don’t need the plugin version. So having the choice would be really great. Bearing in mind that it takes up almost 1 GB of storage. For example, in my usage, I don’t need the plugin version. I just use the standalone version.