Topaz Video AI v4.0.6

Hello everyone,

A new release of Topaz Video AI is now available.

Released December 5th, 2023


Changelog from 4.0.5

  • Updated the video player.
  • Improved speed/responsiveness of player in general workflow.
  • Video player no longer stutters through previews playback.
  • Video player no longer stutters when exiting previews.
  • Video player can handle larger preview load in timeline.
  • Known Issues

  • Inconsistent “Preview X frames” enable status.
  • Rotation w/ previews will not be rotated.
  • Slow-motion playback intermittently inaccurate across two previews with different slow-motion factors playing at the same time.
  • Looping previews has a stutter.
  • Traded some speed on play-button-click-to-playing to improve speed on preview playback.
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    I am quite impressed again. Look at the water below. In the original on the leeft there were all details gone, but video a. i. managed to get the water waves back. considering it shows the same image frame before and after. :eyes:

    When I zoom in and move the image with the mouse the zoom level resets to normal when the mouse hits the left edge of the preview window. I remember I reported this issue before.

    Looks pretty good. One thing that is a bit of a hit and miss with AI is that if it has enough references it can do something like this and salvage what would otherwise be a impossible, while at other times when its not sufficient trained enough it can create some unpredictable results. There were some posts in this forums with alien looking teeth and car sign looking like something it should not. But when it works, its really impressive, like with this example of yours. Nice. I guess it also depends on the model, not all have same level of success rate. I remember trying to make some sand falling 2x in size, but its such a unique footage, probably never was in its database so it didn’t look acceptable. But than with the same model I used it on a German Shepard and it looked amazing. I guess the good news is that they can keep improving it.


    When is Iris and Nyx getting optimized for Apple Silicone? This is too slow. Nyx= 0.3fps on 4K footage on a M3 Max and 0.4 on an M2 Ultra. E and P cores at 70-100%, GPU 100%



    Doing PNG output with MPEG2 input. The preview very stutters and the GUI silently crashes if I click on the timeline to try and play it again or click pause.

    Not trying to do anything crazy. Just Proteus Auto to FHD. The preview processes fine. Playing it in the GUI crashes every time.


    The shown frames sometimes do not match. An old issue we mentioned before:


    Please back the support of CPUs without AVX2 !!!


    Lots of AVX talk now. Can you briefly summarize the problem? who is affected?

    I think it’s really an issue for people with old CPUs but powerful graphics cards (which includes me). I have an AVX2 system but it’s too slow for running TVAI (and doesn’t have a slot for a large graphics card), while the “old” system is okay for performance.

    This is coupled with the apparent case that if you do have a decent graphics card TVAI doesn’t use AVX2 so it would run fine on these systems, except it won’t install… For example after a manual install I could run the Benchmark and all models ran fine (click on the blue “Topaz…” to follow link):

    Which is probably most annoying for those who tested it on their non-AVX2 system (BTW I did this before purchase), found it worked and a little later they found the remaining 10 months (or whatever) of their free upgrades were no use to them and annoying issues remain… I only have a little upgrade time left, so probably won’t make it to 4.1.x and this doesn’t really apply to me, although I have a licence for 6 versions of v4 that I can’t use.

    (Edit) P.S. Not everyone wants to buy a system just for TVAI, I’ve bought a Win11 system in the last 3 months, which isn’t suitable for TVAI as I already had one for that, and really have no interest in buying yet another (large) computer just to run it, alas.


    I see two additional eyes and also additional nose above the left eye in the picure down right.
    Up right is an additional row of teeth.

    In this scene Iris can´t be used.

    When did we get scene base change to another KI or a fixed Iris ?

    Also a Live-Preview would be handy to see when this kind of shit is happening so we can abort the calculation and go on with another KI.

    And again: Don´t think about other new features to implement until those things are fixed.


    Has anyone installed anything above 4.0 and not uninstalled and gone back to 3.5.4? The drop in just basic usability is appalling. I’ve tried 3 variations now, including 4.0.6. I think I’ll wait 6 months and see if it improves in time.


    4.0.6 is the most broken I have seen the user interface so far. If I was needing to run frame interpolation models right now, I would be tempted to go back to 3.5.4 because of an unrelated extra frame issue. For now, I’ve ran about 20 show episodes and 6 super long videos with TVAI 4… in the CLI.

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    I’ve done this each time a new version above 4.0 comes out and have always gone back to 3.5.4 because I just can’t get the split screen on the 4.0 versions and up to show the
    video AI improvement while processing a video file, I can only see the result after processing is complete.

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    Please bring back live review. The fact that we are forced to wait for preview until process is completed is ridiculous. The new features don’t make up for the massive downgrade in functionality.


    I tried testing on versions 3 and 4 of the program, the result was the same. Why not give the opportunity to work on the system without the support of instructions and with a warning? Competitors provide such an opportunity…

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    Why You do not buy a new PC I buy a new one every year

    The good thing is that it does not get better in 4.0.0 which makes it easy to make a decision not to renew my license but I will miss the community


    Proteus delux!
    (1280 to 1920 Gaia & 200 to 1500 Proteus)


    With all the negative feedbacks I haven’t even installed and tried V4.0.X. Why bothering with it since there aren’t any useful features yet. (new improved models for upscaling that’s all that matters).

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